My grandfather came here from China... and was a shopkeeper, as were many of the Chinese who came here. It was very moving to me that I could be afforded the opportunity to come to a place that was almost mythical to me as a child growing up in Harlem, where my parents often spoke about Jamaica, but I didn't know Jamaica until I was 13 years old.

I felt very at home then; I feel very at home now. I have many relatives in Kingston, St Ann's Bay, Mocho, Clarendon and Montego Bay. They are all over the island.

We (my family) own a television network called The Africa Channel. It's kind of fun coming here and watching it on Flow. We were in the country and we had mic flags as we were shooting some content. We stopped for roast yam and salt fish, and the gentleman said, "Africa Channel. I watch Africa Channel all the time." And then the prime minister is like 'Big up to the Africa Channel. I should have known it was owned by Jamaicans.' I was like 'wow'. So, just very excited and welcomed and feeling at home.

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