From a coffee-table gem to a modern classic, these five page-turners are perfect for your tablet or your travels.


In her more than three decades in the news business, executive Paula Williams Madison had heard and seen it all. That is, until she stumbled onto a shut-your-mouth revelation that would send her on an unforgettable journey. Finding Samuel Lowe (Amistad, $25.99) reads like an epic tale, but is, in fact, a true story. Your heart will break for Nell Vera Lowe, Madison’s mother. Growing up she had been cut off from Samuel, her Chinese father. Nell, who inherits her father’s features, moves to New York City and eventually has her own family. When the author’s only grandchild is born, she becomes obsessed with her legacy. How Madison ultimately connects with her grandfather’s descendants in China will produce more OMG moments than any prime-time drama on cable or Netflix could ever hope to elicit.

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