"I've just come back from a visit with Prince Charles," Arthur Wylie said.

The American film producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author spoke nonchalantly, but the exclamations from the audience showed they were impressed. We'd also been impressed earlier when Wylie had been introduced as a man who had made his first million in his early 20s.

Wylie, one of four Jamaica Film Festival panellists on stage at the Courtleigh Auditorium on July 8, went on to explain he had been Prince Charles' guest a week earlier because his Arthur Wylie Foundation had raised a lot of money for the Prince of Wales Foundation.

The panel's topic was 'The Business of Film-making' and Wylie mentioned his visit with Prince Charles to illustrate the importance of networking in business. His visit with the prince had led to his making some very important business contacts, he said.

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